Cake Decorating

When I was younger, I was very into the Food Network. It was not that I cooked myself, but I loved to eat and I thought some of the artistic creations on Food Network were amazing. One of my favorite shows was called Ace of Cakes and featured a Baltimore cake shop called Charm City Cakes. The Cake Boss came along later and stole some of the same concept, but this was the original show where people came in with elaborate cake requests that were designed by Duff Goldman and his team of cake creators. They would usually start with multiple sheet cakes and build out the shape of what they were designing. Then, they would cover than with a shell of fondant, which is a sugary, thick icing that is easily shaped and colored. His detail work led to spectacular cakes. Years later, I went to Los Angeles and found Duff’s spinoff shop, which is on Melrose Ave, called Duff’s Cake Mix. Here, you can pay a reasonable fee and get to design a cake of your own. They provide the cake base and a few chunks of fondant that you can use to create designs yourself. Admittedly, I am not one of the better cake artists, but it was one of the best cake decorating party services I had ever seen. I have seen since that many people love bringing their kids there, whether it is for a birthday party or just for a fun activity that ends with something amazing to take home.

Outside of the supplies and all of that, you just want somewhere that you can go to have some fun. A friendly staff that walks you through is a great start. Great music can also liven up the scene. You want an environment that does not feel like the rigorous kitchen and feels like you are at home baking for fun with your friends and family. Baking a cake is a release that many people love. One of the things that I love about going to a place to make a cake is that there is no clean up. Someone cleans it up, but that is part of what you are paying the premium for. Cakes require a lot of dishes, but you do not have to do them when you go to a decorating place.

Some of the things that you should look for if you want to find another activity that is similar and involves cake decorating supplies and services are places that do the cake making work for you and leave the decorating options to you. One of the things that I liked a lot about Cake Mix was that they did not judge you if you were not the best at art. There were plenty of cutters in shapes for you, so you could make something cool using a bit of your creativity and an assist from the precut shapes. If you wanted to use those as a baseline, you could also make modifications, which adds to your creativity.