Creating a Theme

When you are looking to throw a party, you have a lot of options. To narrow it all down, I think that one of the things that you should think about first is the audience. Who is coming to the party? What are they looking for from this party? You are going to have a lot easier time coming up with what to do if you start to think about what people want. What kind of food? What kind of music? What kind of activities? A great way to clarify this all is to come up with a cohesive theme that ties it all together. A great theme can turn your party planning experience into an easy one and can make high school reunion planning easier by attracting more people. I would be much more interested to see high school people under a theme than without one. Without further ado, here are some themes to try and some to avoid.

AVOID: Lame Puns

If you are trying to be funny, think about it first and make sure that you are not being too smart for your own good. Is it still fun? Here is where puns can help you. Let us say you are throwing a Game of Thrones watch party. If you were to make a White Walkers and Red Wedding joke about the white and red wine, it is a chuckle that nobody will make fun of. If you are making a pun in the theme of the party, do not throw that party.

TRY: Casino

The casino theme is tried and true and also gives you a bit of fun and games along with the dancing and merriment usually at a party. If you are looking to liven up a charity event as high school reunion planners, gambling can be a fun way to mask the giving as competition. In terms of décor, you have an instant color palate centered on red and black. In terms of the activities to book, all you need are tables and dealers. Usually, you should have a couple of blackjack tables, a roulette table, a craps table, and maybe some poker. Some even rent slots to go the extra mile. Custom packs of cards are a great giveaway at the end of the night.

TRY: Cool Pop Culture

There is a TV show on HBO called Euphoria that does not show you positive depictions of young people partying, but does have a distinct visual style involving glitter and color on people’s faces. It looks awesome on the show and makes for a fun party for you and your friends to look cool like the show. Stranger Things brought lots of 80s nostalgia and could also make a great theme. Just do not go for a show that not that many people watch or are not that interesting. Some other shows that have made for great parties include Mad Men for the suits and scotches or The Bachelor for ladies to get together and watch who gets the final rose.