jewelry rentals

For men, looking good is pretty simple. They limit our options, so you basically just need to get things that fit. As far as accessories go, you are probably not doing too much more than cufflinks or pocket squares in addition to your watch maybe. The whole game changes for women, who have expensive things on from the underwear to the dress to the accessories that go with. Women’s jewelry can be some of the most expensive pieces of the outfit, but they can also add a layer of elegance that men can only wish they could achieve. Here are some things to know about what to expect from a jewelry rental service.

Punch Above Your Weight Class

People often wear fancy things because they want to stand out and nice jewelry can be one of the ways that you do so. When you can’t afford to own a piece of jewelry at the highest level, renting can make you feel like you are in the elite class and it makes elite people think you are one of them. It might sound fake, but wearing the clothes of someone you aspire to be is a good way to help manifest those dreams later in life.

Great Idea for Weddings

Weddings cost a whole lot of money and part of that comes from the fact that lots of brides want to look the best they ever have and that means getting things that are exclusively for the wedding. This is the time when you want to feel the prettiest, so it is a good time to splurge on looking your best with some cool jewelry. Whether it is some amazing diamond earrings or a special necklace, the right accessory can complement the dress well and make the bride feel like a queen on her special day. Bridal jewelry rental services are highly common in the industry and might make looking pretty affordable for the special day.

Most Places Are Insured

I was once talking to an actress that was telling me about some of the elegant jewelry that she wears on the red carpet of different events. For the jewelers, it is a big boost for them to have their pieces get that publicity, so they tend to give the jewels to actresses and models for free. This was the case with this actress, who also mentioned that the jeweler told her not to worry too much about the condition of the jewels. In fact, she said that after the event, she mailed the multi-million dollar diamonds and gems back in a regular envelope. According to her, the jeweler told her that his insurance would cover for more than the actual value of the piece in the case it gets stolen or damaged. He was happy to collect on the policy because it liquidated the asset for him. In the case of most normal people, the jewels are not free, but they are still insured. You will not have to worry about damaging they jewels unless you do something on purpose.